Inspired By Juicy Couture&
Inspired By Juicy Couture&

Inspired By Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy

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FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION: Blushing pomegranate, Indian plum, sheer gardenia, and honeysuckle are woven with addictive caramel and vanilla orchid for an unforgettable scent.

DISCLAIMER: Viva la Juicy is a trademark of Juicy Couture and Authentic Brands Group LLC. Instyle Products LLC competes with Viva la Juicy. It does not use the Viva la Juicy fragrance and is not associated in any way with Viva la Juicy or Juicy Couture and Authentic Brands Group LLC.

Q: Is there free or expedited shipping available?

A: We offer FREE shipping on all our products, however, all fragrance products contain alcohol and are therefore restricted from air freight due to their volatile nature.

Q: How long will the fragrance last on my skin?

A: It depends on the type of fragrance and its olfactive profile. As a general rule, all fragrances should last at least four hours but some may last as much as 10-12 hours. This depends on the olfactive makeup of the fragrance. Heavier fragrances typically contain ingredients that last longer. This is because these ingredients contain larger molecules which are not as volatile and therefore last longer on skin. The nature of each person’s skin can also influence the performance of a fragrance i.e. if it is dry or oily.

Q: How long will a bottle of fragrance last?

A: This depends on usage habits. Each bottle contains well over 100 spritzes – perhaps as much as 200 spritzes. If you use it once a day and spritz just once it could last 200 days or more. But if you apply it several times a day it would last considerably less. Typically customers will enjoy a bottle for three to nine months.

Q: Are the products guaranteed?

A: Yes. All our products are backed by a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied return the fragrance to us within 30 days and we will issue you a refund no questions asked.

Q: Where else can I buy it?

A: Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer.

Q: Is this the best price I can find?

A: Not necessarily. We sell our fragrances at our Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Other retailers sometimes discount the price. We do offer a money back guarantee and free shipping but feel free to shop around to find the best price. We will be happy where ever you choose to purchase our fragrances.

Q: Are the fragrances tested on animals?

A: No. We do not test on animals.

Q: Is the packaging environmentally friendly.

A: Yes. Our cartons are made of recycled paper and our glass bottles can be recycled like all glass.

Q: What is the Difference Between Instyle and Perfect Scents?

A: Not much except the size and price. These two brands are sister brands that we developed historically for different retailers. The only real difference is that Instyle is sold in a 100 ml (3.4 oz) bottle for $15 while Perfect Scents is sold in a 75 ml bottle (2.5 oz) for $12.

Customer Reviews

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Lori Aulwurm

Inspired By Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy

Rose Mary Gracia
Viva la Juicy

I really like the smell of the perfume, it's not too strong and it stays on, I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Stacia Pepper
My absolute favourite perfume

This perfume is identical to Viva La Juicy for a small fraction of the cost. Can't beat it!!! Amazing product, smells amazing too


I have not yet received my order but I am giving the perfumes i ordered a 5 start rating solely based off the customer service. My package got lost and one of the workers named Rob has been keeping me updated through email and even replacing my lost perfumes. This company is very nice and definitely deserve a huge reward for their outstanding services!

Mia Wagner

Smells SO good! Youthful and not grandma like at all :) The price is also so amazing I really hope they come out with more smells

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 At $12 a bottle most people can't tell the difference between the original and our inspiration. Some customers even tell us that they prefer our version!

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